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Jocelyn Skyblazer, captain of a small space cargo ship, a tomboy who is afraid of nothing, will take just about any job, and arm wrestle with Altillian Space Slugs just to prove a point.  Her ship broke down on Sim Earth and she is grounded for the time being.  She was a bit lost on solid ground at first but she has embarked on a tomb raiding lifestyle to earn the money to fix her ship, what a great adventure it will be exploring the world and how exciting will all the dangerous missions she will need to undertake be, and she might even run into some handsome men!!!

Jocelyn can be downloaded HERE
Traits: Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Lucky, Perceptive
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Favorite Music: Electronica
Favorite Color: Aqua
Lifetime Wish: Seasoned Traveler

Jocelyn's Custom Content:
Skin: Lady Frontbum - Velvet
Hair: Peggy ID: #000312
Eyeshadow: Lady Frontbum - Leopard Eyeshadow
Blush/Freckles: Papercat Freckle Face
Everyday Outfit: World Adventures Expansion
Shoes: Store -Leather and Buckle Attack or in the set Store - Loud, Fast, Clash! - Attire
Goggles: EsmeraldaF's Rave Goggles
Formal Dress: Anubis360's Chic Boulevard Dress
Formal Boots: Lemon Leaf Uniform Temptation II alternative download from M&T .Sims
Athletic Top: Gelydh's Absent Guile - Henley Top
Athletic Pants: Maxis Shorts layered over SimsMaker's Leggings Fantasy
Athletic Shoes: Aikea Guinea's Hightops for Females

I use the following game mods:
Bella3lek4's Facial Sliders

I have all expansion packs and stuff packs (minus Outdoor Living) and my game is fully patched.  This may or may not impact on how the sim shows up.  If you can shed any light on how this sim looks in a game without the same expansions as I have I would appreciate your feedback.

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