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Queenie just wants to be loved, she just can't work out why she can never make friends or meet anyone special.  Every time she tries, things go horribly wrong and she just gets so frustrated.  Her incredibly high standards and stuck up nature put so many people off most of them never bother getting to know the real Queenie, who has a heart of gold underneath the rude harsh exterior, they are too freaked out from the first meeting they never come back.  Used to a life of luxury, she is the Queen of her world, but she needs to find a balance or she will never be happy.

Download Queenie Here

Traits: Dramatic, Snob, Neurotic, Hopeless Romantic, Perfectionist
Favorite Food: Cobbler
Favorite Music: Classical
Favorite Color: Red
Lifetime Wish: Living in the Lap of Luxury

Queenie's Custom Content:
Skin: Lady Frontbum - Silk
Hair: Store - Labyrinth Twist or in the Set Store - Romanza Bridal Party there is however a free version minus the clips here Wojtek's Elegant Hairstyles
Eyeliner: Ambitions Expansion Pack
Lipstick: Lady Frontbum - Two Tone
Cheek Heart: Club Crimsyn Emile Autumn Set
Everyday Dress: All About Style - Titanic Jump Dress
Formal Top: All About Style - Victorian Blouse with Lace
Formal Skirt: All About Style - Bustle Skirt
Athletic Bottoms: All About Style - Adult/YA Bloomers
Swimwear: Dal's I Love Retro - Skirted Swimsuit

I use the following game mods:
Bella3lek4's Facial Sliders

I have all expansion packs and stuff packs (minus Outdoor Living) and my game is fully patched.  This may or may not impact on how the sim shows up.  If you can shed any light on how this sim looks in a game without the same expansions as I have I would appreciate your feedback.


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