Mar. 23rd, 2011

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This is Petra, she is a bit of a delicate flower. She is sophisticated and can sometimes be a bit of a snob, she is a talented musician and knows it, but despite all that, she is not loud and demanding of attention. Without further ado I present to you Petra, who I think might be my new favorite sim

More Petra Pictures Here )
Download Petra Here

Traits:  Dramatic, Perfectionist, Shy, Snob, Virtuoso
Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon
Favorite Music: Indie
Favorite Color: Grey
Lifetime Wish: Gold Digger

Petra's Custom Content:
Skin: LadyFrontbum I can't honestly remember which skin this is, I think it might be 'Velvet' though
Eyes: Shady's Default Multicolor Eyes
Hair: Peggy ID: #000179
Everyday Dress: Anubis360's Chic Boulevard Dress
Tights: Lilsims full length
Formal Top: Club Crimsyn Late Night corset without straps
Formal Bottom: Liana Sims 3 Skirt
Formal Shoes: Fast Lane expansion
all other items are maxis base game

I use the following game mods:
Bella3lek4's Facial Sliders

I have all expansion packs and stuff packs (minus Outdoor Living) and my game is fully patched.  This may or may not impact on how the sim shows up.  If you can shed any light on how this sim looks in a game without the same expansions as I have I would appreciate your feedback.


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