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My first ever sim upload! I want you all to meet Astrid, I made her for a challenge at GoS for a challenge involving word prompts.The prompt that helped create Astrid was 'Astrolatry'.

'Astrolatry refers to the worship of stars and other heavenly bodies as deities, or the association of deities with heavenly bodies. The most common instances of this are sun gods and moon gods.'

Astrid is a 'Pants on Head' special kinda girl.  Born to members of a drug addled hippie commune who worship the cosmos, the day of her birth the stars were aligned 'just so' and thus the entire commune believe Astrid to be a living Sun Goddess.  Astrid knows no better and due to her bizarre coming to be there are a few vital elements missing, so she is quite childish, a child in a grown body, but she has a good heart and is most at home when in her garden.  An avid Eco Warrior and a little quirky, other sims don't always know how to take Astrid, but she always sees the beauty in everything she encounters and with a love of her yellow gumboots (the only footwear she will put on), life with Astrid is always interesting. 

Astrid's Custom Content:
Skin: Velvet by Lady Frontbum
Eyes: Caddi Love Eyes
Freckles: Papercat
Eyeshadow: Cheetah by Lady Frontbum
Earrings: Vitasims3
Ring: Vitasims3
Lips: Can't remember but they may well be a lemonleaf
Gumboots: Sims3 World Adventures expansion
Formal Dress: Sims 3 Fast Lane stuff pack  (not a vital element though)

I use
Awesome Mod
bella3lek4 facial sliders,
Rez Delnavas UI Mod
Delphy's Boobie Slider (this one isn't too important)

These mods will make sure the sim displays correctly, the facial sliders are most important.  You don't HAVE to have them, but you might end up with a smooshy faced sim

I have all expansion packs and stuff packs (minus Outdoor Living) and my game is fully patched.  This may or may not impact on how the sim shows up.  If you can shed any light on how this sim looks in a game without the same expansions as I have I would appreciate your feedback.

Date: 2010-10-16 12:28 am (UTC)
wert700: (pic#351750)
From: [personal profile] wert700
cute, if I had the sims 3 I would download her.


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