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Mar. 27th, 2011 10:12 pm
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This is Sin, but that isn't the name he was born with, nobody actually knows what his real name is, and nobody ever will if Sin has anything to do with it. He's cool, suave, street wise and a bit of a ladies man. Make that a LOT of a ladies man, Sin is at his most content when surrounded by women, and of course they flock to him, that cheeky look he gets in his eye, his dashing smile, not to mention how much of a bad boy they think he is with his tattoos. He's been in quite a few scraps in his time with a mighty sharp temper, but he will never back down from something he believes in, or a beautiful lady ;)

Traits: Brave, Charismatic, Flirty, Hot Headed, Party Animal
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs
Favorite Music: Electronica
Favorite Color: Spiceberry
Lifetime Wish: Golddigger

Sin's Custom Content:
Skin: Lady Frontbum - Again I can't be certain which one I used, I have them all installed
Hair: Tum Tum's Sizz's HaNui Converted
Everyday Top: Aikea Guinea's Default Replacement Tank Top
Everyday Bottom: SAU MYOS Male Adult/Teen Jeans
Shoes: MYOS Teen/Adult M/F Hightop Shoes
Eyebrow Piercing: Ashtray Sims - Head Like a Hole Piercings Set
Chest Tattoo: Kitty Klan Double Dragon Chest Tattoo
Formal Top: Ever-Present Spirit - Untucked Long Sleeved Shirt for Men
Sleepwear: Liana Mens Calvin Klein Briefs
Athletic: Lilisims Variable Male Pants

I use the following game mods:
Bella3lek4's Facial Sliders

I have all expansion packs and stuff packs (minus Outdoor Living) and my game is fully patched.  This may or may not impact on how the sim shows up.  If you can shed any light on how this sim looks in a game without the same expansions as I have I would appreciate your feedback.


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