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So I present to you my first lot upload, The Walternate Cafe. For those of you who may be familiar with the tv series Fringe, I was inspired to make a milk bar/ cafe type lot. It is free of CC and almost entirely made of base game items.

The in-game blurb: A contemporary cafe with old fashioned good service and great treats. Boasting a modest internet lounge, the Walternate also has a delicious menu and claims to have the most divine strawberry milkshakes, which is said to be due to their secret ingredient known only as 'Gene'. There is also an extensive range of sweets, including 15 different varieties of red vine liquorice.

Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Type: Hangout
Known Issues: When you first go to the lot the wall speaker seems to not start, this is easily fixed by clicking on it, disabling and then re-enabling it.
WA food register included, LN wall speaker, LN spiral staircase included and one painting from another expansion (I forget), the lot should still function without these, you can insert your own staircase and/or a bar.
The lot has an empty 2 storey flat above it, which can be used to expand the hangout or you could change the lot type and turn this into a house, completely up to you!

More Pictures Under Here )

Download The Walternate Cafe HERE


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